Rudolf - Imported Instruments

However the official founding year of the company is 1950, when JOHANNES RUDOLF FABRIK CHIRURGISCHE SCHEREN was the father of today's company, pushed the development of the company with his drive, hard work and perseverance. From 1973 onwards, the company experienced a major burst of growth. Instruments and devices for endoscopic surgery were added to the scissors and other products for open surgery. The Imported instruments for both open and laproscopic surgeries for all specialities from M/s RUDOLF, Germany.

Surgical instruments are hand-held tools or implements used by clinicians for the performance of surgical tasks. A vast assortment of instruments can be found in an operating suite. Scalpels, forceps, scissors and clamps are used extensively.

Surgical instruments are tools that allow surgeons to open the soft tissue, remove the bone, dissect and isolate the lesion, and remove or obliterate the abnormal structures as a treatment. Bigger tools are used for the initial exposure, and finer ones are used once the delicate structures are encountered. Various rongeurs (such as Leksell, Kerrison, and pituitary) of different sizes are used to remove bone or soft tissue. Forceps are used to pick up tissue, create tension in the region of interest to help dissection, and help with manipulation of fine material, such as an electric lead or fine sutures.

Scissors are used to sharply separate soft tissue, and sutures of various sizes are used for reapproximation of different types of structures. Aneurysm clips are used to obliterate abnormal vascular structures. Various sizes of cottonoids, or “rubber dams”, are frequently used to help protect delicate tissue and to facilitate tissue dissection. Suction tips can have various sizes and shapes. Suction tips with small apertures and thumb-adjustable side holes are routinely used for microsurgical procedures to provide controlled suction, gentle temporary retraction, and dissection/resection without causing significant damage to the tissue from the force of the suction.

MasterCut Scissors

The excellent steel quality, the refined finish, the smooth movement and the fine cutting performance of the RUDOLF scissors delight every professional.

The RUDOLF green hard-coating of our MASTERCUT scissors is resistant against chemical cleaning and disinfection solutions as well as corrosion. It provides features like that of ceramic coating for a prolonged lifetime.

Each pair of MASTERCUT scissors has been manufactured and finished individually by our long experienced master craftsmen and has therefore its own individual certificate.

Rudolf Sharpening

The MASTERCUT scissors have a micro serrated upper blade to avoid slipping of tissue.

The lower blade, with its special tapered profile, guarantees the minimally traumatic cutting of tissue.

DataMatrix Code

The DataMatrix Code on our MASTERCUT scissors includes an individual serial number.