Venus Orthocare - Venus Instrument

“VENUS", we manufacture and market, Venus instruments of high standard and Quality for specialities like general Surgery, Gynecology, Surgical Gastro/Onco, Ortho/Spine, Nero Surgery, Cardio Vascular Surgery, Urology, colo -Proctology, Plastic Surgery, Hand surgery, Podiatic Surgery and also Special Retaining TABLE MOUNTED RETRACTORS FOR Liver Transplant Surgery & Multiple Organ Transplant Surgery.

Retractors are used to keep the surgical field open so that the surgeon can get access to the surgical pathology unobstructed. Prolonged and excessive retraction of delicate neurovascular structures should be avoided to prevent collateral damage. Instead, use of diuretics, proper head position, skull base bony removal, cistern opening, and CSF drains can be implemented to adequately expose the region of interest.

Table Mounted Abdominal Retractor

(Thompson Or Omni-Tract Modified System)

  • Table Mounted Stability
  • Versatile, Low Profile Retraction
  • Independent Blade Placement And Retraction
  • Universal Frame For Numerous Surgical Procedures - Quick Set Up
  • Fits Into Standard Sterilization Cases
  • Table Mounted Retractor System (Book Walter Type)

  • Our Retractor can be used effectively for many procedures
  • Offers Better visualization because of Ring configuration
  • Our Retractors offer Single post fixation with choice of ring configuration and retractor blade options
  • Venus Markets A Complete Portfolio Of Retractors For All Surgical


  • Valve Retractor - (Casgro type)
  • Skull Retractor - (Mayfield type)
  • Brain Retractor - (Lylar type)
  • Kings Liver Retractor
  • Balfour abdominal - S/R retractor for Liver transplant