Ondal - Pendant System

Ondal Medical Systems GmbH is a reliable partner for Pendant systems which is located in Hünfeld since 1945. It has a load capacity up to 964 kg for medical and industrial applications. Ondal is also the number one choice among qualified developers when it comes to customized solutions and applications for medical equipment. It has been a legally independent unit of Wella AG since 1995 in which more than 450 employees are working there.

The medical pendant is an indispensable gas supply medical device in the modern operating room of the hospital. It is mainly used for the terminal transfer of oxygen, suction, compressed air, nitrogen, and other medical gases in the operating room. The medical pendant is mainly controlled by the motor to lift the platform, which is safe and reliable.

Balanced design to ensure the level of equipment platform and ensures the safety of medical pendant; motor drive to ensure the rapid and efficient operation of the pendant; the surface of the composite material can be cleaned with standard disinfectant, which can eliminate pollution completely.

The medical pendant can be rotated to increase the work coverage of the equipment and improve the efficiency of the equipment; adjustment and use are more at ease and convenient. The pendant head and the carrying platform can only hover over the circumference of the cantilever radius, so the single cantilever is selected as an operating room with a small area. Rotation angle ≤ 340°. Gas pipelines, cable lines, and network communication lines all pass through here.

The medical pendant head can be rotated to install the medical gas outlet and gas pressure gauge, and instrument outlet.