Employee Identification System

Pevco Passport offers seamless credential verification to identify who sends and receives Pneumatic Tube Deliveries.

    Pevco Passport Benefits

  • Supports the creation of customized user groups with various levels of permissions.
  • Securely delivers narcotics and other high-value items by ensuring that the person accepting an item is authorized.
  • When combined with Pevco Link, each element of a high-value delivers is documented – clinicians, exact item transported, locations and times – creating a complete chain-of-custody.
  • By identifying the staff involved in a delivery, Passport helps enforce policies and procedures by increasing accountability and highlighting training shortfalls.

With Passport, a clinician scans their ID badge, linking themselves to a delivery. When the delivery arrives at its destination, the clinician who accepts it can scan their ID badge creating a complete audit trail.

The identities of the sender and receiver are stored in the tube system database and available in real time through Pevco’s clinician dashboard, making it easy to know the who, what and where of important deliveries.

Passport integrates with directory services and employee access systems such as Microsoft’s Active Directory, Tyco’s C-Cure and United Technologies’ Lenel – providing real-time credential verification that is always up to date.