Touch Control With Content Tracking

With convenient delivery tracking, simple to use functions, built-in directories and easy to read display, Pevco Link is the optimal way to send and track items through a pneumatic tube system.

Send and receive blood products, lab specimens and pharmaceuticals easily and quickly.

    Standard Send

  • Simply select the carrier destination using a shortcut button, directory menu or keypad. No authorization or barcodes required. Standard Sends, like all transactions sent with Pevco Link, are documented in a SQL database and viewable at the station or through the Pevco Link Web App.

    Tracked Send

  • Know exactly what items were sent, when it left, when it arrived and even who received patient-critical items with barcode tracking.

Real-time and historical transaction data is easily accessed from the touch control and more detailed, downloadable records are available through Pevco Atlas, the accompanying web application. With a real-time audit trail, Pevco Link’s Tracked Send protects important materials by documenting their movement through a PTS from start to finish. Optional employee identification enables staff accountability.

Combine Pevco Link with Pevco View to access a real-time web-application dashboard that documents every transaction.

  • The real-time web application provides read-only access to the pneumatic system transaction database. Every transaction sent with Pevco Link, regardless of the send type, is documented in the database. With the secure web application, pneumatic tube system users and managers have access to real-time detailed information about every transaction - whether the items were scanned or not.
  • See when every transaction was requested, when it left its origin station and what time it arrived at its destination.
  • For transactions sent in Tracked Send mode, see the exact contents delivered and the carriers used to transport them.
  • Know which staff member sent and which received the delivery when employee barcodes are scanned.
  • All data is sortable, searchable and can be downloaded to a spread-sheet for further analysis.

How Pevco Link works for you?

Document Carrier Arrival

Any delivery can be documented upon arrival at its destination with the document carrier arrival feature. Staff scan the arriving carrier along with its contents to create an auditable record of important transactions.

Seamless Integration Of Delivery Data With Clinical Systems

Pevco Link can integrate with other hospital systems so busy healthcare professionals can monitor and track tube deliveries with the same systems they use to manage pharmacy, lab and nursing operations. Pevco systems give time back to your clinical staff by giving them only one place to have to look for the information they need.

Streamlined Maintenance And Support

Pevco Link supports the team that supports the Hospital. Resolving issues, finding items and troubleshooting the system is now easier than ever. With the Maintenance display on Pevco Link, authorized users perform a variety of actions to diagnose, adjust or modify the system - creating an efficient use of time and resources.

Why Pevco Link is the right system for your hospital?

Limit human error with an intuitive touch control built for speed and accuracy.

Reduce delivery loss and keep staff focused on their patients with the integrated barcode reader for tracking and documentation of high value items.

Improve processes with detailed transaction reports that shed light on bottlenecks and delays.

Monitor deliveries, find missing items and analyze data with the user - friendly web application for real-time review of all transactions.

Save time with Twelve Shortcut Keys - customizable for each station - making the transactions to the most frequent destinations simple.

The Linked Hospital...

  • Reduce errors with an easy to read display
  • Send items that range from standard to sensitive with confidence
  • Get real-time detailed information about every transaction