Trackable Ergonomic Carrier

Pevco TEC-6’s ergonomic design incorporates well-placed, comfortable hand-holds and contoured ends so healthcare staff can hold and load carriers with ease. Red/green latch status indicators help guarantee that carriers are closed properly.

Pevco TEC-6 carriers are durable, maintain lasting clarity and are leak resistant. With long-wearing nylon glide bands, tough hardened steel hinges and Pevco’s patented leak-resistant seal, the TEC-6 is built to stand up to the most demanding 24/7 hospital environment.

    Combine Pevco TEC-6 with Pevco Link and benefit from a real-time audit trail for every delivery.

    Know what was sent, when it was sent, when it arrived and where it arrived – and even who sent and received it with barcode tracking. Transaction data is easily accessed from a station touch control and more detailed information is available through an accompanying web application.

  • When combined with Pevco Link, the contents of every TEC-6 can be tracked from its origin to destination providing a real-time audit trail.
  • Built to stand up to the most demanding hospital environment with long-lasting, tough hardened steel hinges and Pevco’s patented leak resistant seal.
  • Available in three styles, foam inserts help protect fragile materials.