Delivery Management Software

Pevco Atlas, our next generation pneumatic tube delivery management software, is built for healthcare professionals with a multi-user dashboard, tools for technicians and clinical staff, and an architecture that meets the needs of IT managers.

  • Its intuitive graphical interface makes managing and monitoring system performance easy.
  • Streamlines sign-on and authentication.
  • Securely stores transaction history in a SQL database.

Engineering Dashboard with Transaction Monitoring

An intuitive web-application dashboard that makes monitoring performance, filtering data and adjusting settings simple.

  • Integrates with Active Directory and LDAP servers for user authentication.
  • Supports multi-user logon to enable access from anywhere within a hospital campus.
  • Displays overall system performance down to specific details of every delivery.

Clinician Dashboard with Delivery Verification

A real-time web-application dashboard that gives clinicians a clear picture of their deliveries.

  • Displays inbound and outbound deliveries, including contents, status, users, times and locations.
  • Customizable so each department only sees information relevant to them.
  • Access with a hospital computer or display on wall-mounted monitor.

IT Ready

  • Active Directory integration
  • SQL database storage
  • Runs as a service
  • BMS integration
  • Web service communications
  • Multi-user web application interface
  • Security system integration
  • Virtual machine & server support
  • Supports full Ethernet communication

Combine Pevco Atla with Pevco Link and benefit from a real-time audit trail for every delivery. Know what was sent, when it was sent, when it arrived – and even who sent and received it with barcode tracking. Transaction data is easily accessed from a station touch control panel and more detailed information is available through the accompanying web application.