With Pevco Link™, every carrier, along with its contents and even the sender and recipient, can be documented and tracked – giving users the peace of mind that items will arrive when and where they are needed.

Built for speed and accuracy, Pevco Link:
  • Reduces lost and misplaced items by providing real-time delivery tracking including where an item originated and where it’s going, along with detailed time stamp information.
  • Helps improve turnaround times with its detailed transaction reports that shed light on bottlenecks and delays
  • Streamlines deliveries with Twelve Shortcut Keys— customizable for each station—making the transactions to the most frequent destinations simple
  • Saves time with a built-in A to Z Directory that provides a complete list of station addresses that is easy to use and update
  • Lab managers can see inbound deliveries before they arrive. Flags can be set to highlight deliveries from key departments like the ED and OR.
  • Blood bank staff can send blood products with confidence since they can obtain a complete chain of custody
  • Nursing staff know when a specimen arrived at the lab, and when a pharmaceutical has been sent to their station.

Pevco TEC-6™ also includes integrated barcodes to enable real-time tracking of every delivery. When combined with Pevco Link™, transaction data and arrival confirmation for any carrier — and its contents— is stored in a database and available at stations.

With long-wearing nylon glide bands, tough hardened steel hinges and Pevco’s patented leak-resistant seal, the TEC-6 is built to stand up to the most demanding 24/7 hospital environment.

With Smart Path, any one blower can handle any transaction from anywhere in the Smart Path system. This eliminates the dependence on a single blower for an individual zone and effectively eliminates downtime for blower preventive maintenance. And with Smart Path, most transactions are completed in just two moves – vacuum and pressure.


Smart Path can be added to an existing Pevco system, added to another manufacturer’s system, or installed during the construction of a new hospital.


By using one blower for a transaction from start to finish, instead of powering up a new blower for each new zone a carrier enters, transactions take less time and use less energy.


Pevco Smart Path eliminates dependency on any one blower per zone. If a blower is off-line because of mechanical failure, electric outage or maintenance, any other blower within the Smart Path can accomplish the delivery ensuring that stations remain in-service and patient needs are met.

Prevents misplaced products and patient care delays.

Facility engineers are notified when carriers fail to liftoff or reach their destinations.

Sentry can be customized to communicate with all levels of pneumatic tube system engineers and managers. By filtering emails to each addressee by station and type of event, communication is streamlined. System engineers receive only the critical information they need to keep the system—and their facility—running smoothly.

Compact Design

Requiring only 2” of wall clearance and with a base footprint of just 20” square, Pevco’s Point-to-Point™ fits in the smallest of spaces. The blower can be housed within the unit or can be placed remotely to reduce noise.


All Pevco pneumatic tube delivery systems are UL Listed. System in-use indicators and electronic door locks keep employee hands out of the way of arriving carriers.


Pevco’s Point-to-Point™ pneumatic tube delivery systems are available in 4”, 6” and 8” tube size and accommodate both standard and leak-resistant carriers.

  • When combined with Pevco Link™, each unique item delivered is tracked (not just the carrier),providing an end-to- end audit trail
  • Intuitive interface makes filtering data, adjusting settings and monitoring performance simple
  • Transaction history and events are stored in a SQL Server database
  • Routing is managed by the reliable and time-tested Pevco Core™ engine
Map Frame

Pevco Atlas’ map frame shows a live image of the entire system with the ability to zoom in on zones or individual devices to access additional information and functionality.

Transaction Frame

Pevco Atlas’ transaction frame displays the details of each delivery in list form, enabling a facility technician to easily monitor and control every stage of a delivery.

Blood Banks

Deliver blood products quickly and safely with an end-to-end chain of custody that documents who sent and received which item, along with location and time-stamp information.

Emergency Departments

Free staff to focus on patient turnaround times with a wall mounted monitor that displays inbound and outbound deliveries of pharmaceuticals, specimens and blood products.

Operating Rooms

Know what’s arriving and if a specimen has reached the lab by viewing a monitor in the OR. Set flags to monitor deliveries involving key departments like blood bank and lab.


See when a specific pharmaceutical left the pharmacy, when and where it arrived and even who received it. If the item becomes misplaced, locate it quickly.

Patient Areas

Eliminate the need for nurses to call the pharmacy or lab to check on a delivery with a dashboard viewable with a PC web browser and a large wall mounted monitor.

Employee Identification System

Pevco Passport offers seamless credential verification to identify who sends and receives pneumatic tube deliveries.

Pevco Passport Benefits:
  • Supports the creation of customized user groups with various levels of permissions.
  • Securely delivers narcotics and other high-value items by ensuring that the person accepting an item is authorized.
  • When combined with Pevco Link™, each element of a high-value delivers is documented – clinicians, exact item transported, locations and times – creating a complete chain-of-custody.
  • By identifying the staff involved in a delivery, Passport helps enforce policies and procedures by increasing accountability and highlighting training shortfalls.

With Passport, a clinician scans their ID badge*, linking themselves to a delivery. When the delivery arrives at its destination, the clinician who accepts it can scan their ID badge creating a complete audit trail. The identities of the sender and receiver are stored in the tube system database and available in real time through Pevco’s clinician dashboard, making it easy to know the who, what and where of important deliveries. Passport integrates with directory services and employee access systems such as Microsoft’s Active Directory, Tyco’s C-Cure and United Technologies’ Lenel – providing real-time credential verification that is always up to date.

Passport works with RFID proximity, magnetic swipe, and barcode badges. Web service compatibility ensures seamless integration with IT resources.

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